50 Ways to Become a Better Blogger and Earn Huge

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Do you want to become a better blogger? Silly question, eh.

In that case, I’ve got some great news. The best way to become a better blogger is to blog. And to keep blogging.

If this blogging thing is difficult and frustrating, then you must force yourself to do it, and do it, and do it, until you get better at it.

As bloggers we have to produce words daily – even when we don’t feel like it. Even replying to comments or e-mails is a good way to enhance one’s creativity.

Then there are a number of thing we can do to become better at this blogging thing. Quite a few of them…

Doing these things can help you become a better blogger:

1. Blog every day.

2. Use self-imposed word limits.

3. Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from them.

4. Read your posts over and over again, until you can’t find any more mistakes.

5. Ask fellow bloggers for feedback.

6. Outline. And then write according to that outline.

7. Edit, and edit again. And again.

8. Be bold.

9. Be open, curious, present, and engaged.

10. Take a break from blogging once in a while.

11. Learn a new word a day.

12. Punch the damn keys.

13. Experiment. Write a poem once in a while, or a short story. Try your hand at a lengthy essay on a topic that inspires you.

14. Read grammar books.

15. Turn-off the Internet. The TV. Your smartphone…

16. Challenge yourself: write at least 500 words a day. In a crowded place, such as a cafe.

17. Take a trip. Road trips, beach trips, bus trips, plane trips.

18. Watch movies and TV shows. Could you have written the story better?

19. Read, think, read, write, ponder, write – and read some more.

20. Read your stuff aloud to anyone who can stand it – including the cat.

21. Go back and cut 10% from your word count.

22. Talk to people.

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23. Listen to how people talk. Listen to what they talk about.

24. Read lots of books. Both good and bad.

25. Write down all your ideas.

26. Use simple, declarative sentences.

27. Avoid passive voice.

28. Limit your use of adjectives and adverbs.

29. When in doubt, cut it out.

30. Be inspired by other art forms – music, dance, sculpture, painting.

31. Read your old stuff and acknowledge how far you’ve come – and how far you have to go.

32. Make blogging your priority. Do not struggle to find time. Make time.

33. Punch the damn keys. Even if you don’t feel like it. Especially if you don’t feel like it.

34. Tell everyone: “I’m the blogger.” Not “a” blogger, but “the” blogger.

35. Comment on your favorite blogs.

36. Keep it simple.

37. Try new ideas or hobbies – the more variety you have in your life, the more likely you are to keep on generating good ideas.

38. Rethink what is ‘normal’.

39. Work on brilliant headlines.

40. Take time to muse and mind map.

41. Ask someone else to edit and proofread.

42. Break out of your comfort zone. Daily.

43. Write at the scene. If you want to write about a beach, get a picnic rug and go write by the sea.

44. Exercise. Run. Lift some weights. The endorphin rush, the serotonin, all of that will help boost your focus.

45. Think of yourself as a storyteller.

46. Think of stories as the what keeps our universe in place. The fundamental force of human society.

47. Approach blogging with gratitude, not just with a ‘must do this’ attitude.

48. Deconstruct and analyze the blog posts you enjoy.

49. Socialize with other creative individuals.

50. Take risks – don’t be afraid to shock. You are not who you think you are.

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